Ukraine Crisis

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6:32 PM: Russian military were noticed near Sudak, Ukraine. Residents say they may be hiding in the forests. Via Twitter user @tsnua

6:27 PM: Russian forces NOT returning to barracks. Via CNN

6:07 PM: Russia is unlikely to pull back its forces in Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula, forcing the US and Europe into a more limited strategy of trying to prevent President Putin from making advances elsewhere in the former Soviet republic, analysts and former Obama administration officials tell the AP news agency. “I’m not optimistic they’re going to leave,” former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul tells the news agency.

5:41 PM: “That is why, personally, I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin. I’m proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth and that is why, after this newscast, I’m resigning.”

5:31 PM: Russia Today America anchor just resigned on air says “cannot be part of a network that whitewashes the actions of President Putin.”

4:52 PM: People waving Ukrainian flags on the street as #bama arrives in Cambridge, Mass, for DNC fundraiser.

3:33 PM: US warship given permission to traverse Bosphorus en route to Black Sea. Via Hürriyet Daily News

3:07 PM: UN’s Robert Serry tells us he feels for the people of #Crimea and the fact he’s being forced to leave shows how serious the situation is. Via Twitter user @jamesmatesitv

2:38 PM: U.S. official says Pentagon to send six additional F-15s to Baltic air policing operation. Via Reuters

2:36 PM: Ukraine’s PM Yatsenyuk says “we cannot figure out the reason why Russian boots are on Ukrainian ground. Via AP

1:44 PM: Russian and Ukrainian FMs both at French Foreign Ministry. Via AFP

1:41 PM: NATO chief says alliance suspends meetings with Russia, puts ‘entire cooperation under review’. Via AP

1:35 PM: NATO suspends planning for joint mission with Rusia to protect U.S. ship that will destroy Syrian chemical weapons, Rasmussen says. Via Reuters

12:58 PM: US to increase military support to Poland & Baltic states in wake of Russia’s move on Ukraine. Via AFP

12:25 PM: Around 100 pro-Russia protesters march on headquarters of OSCE observers in Crimea in Ukraine. Via Reuters

12:15 PM: Robert Serry has now agreed to go straight to the airport and end his mission in Crimea. Crowd chant Russia Russia as UN envoy leaves coffee shop and scrambles into waiting car. Via Twitter user @jamesmatesitv

12:10 PM: UN special envoy Robert Serry’s assistant says she saw at least one man with a gun among group who blocked his car. Outside coffee shop are men in combat fatigues blocking the door. Some wear pro Russia black and gold arm band. Not allowing anyone in/out. Outside coffee shop are men in combat fatigues blocking the door. Some wear pro Russia black and gold arm band. Not allowing anyone in/out. Via Twitter user @jamesmatesitv

11:57 AM: UN not sure what language the unidentified gunmen were speaking. Serry did not have a security detail with him. Via Twitter user @NickBryantNY

11:48 AM: UN envoy Robert Serry confronted by unidentified armed men in Crimea. “He is physically in good shape. He is not kidnapped. Via Twitter user @columlynch

11:47 AM: UN envoy walking to hotel after his car seized by armed men.

11:37 AM: BREAKING NEWS: UN Secretary General’s special representative seized by armed men in Crimea. Via @Reuters

11:31 AM: U.S. warns Russia its G8 membership is at risk because of actions in Ukraine. Via @AFP

11:26 AM: CBS News can confirm that Sec. Kerry was unable to get Russian and Ukrainian diplomats to talk today in Paris.

11:21 AM: Fights breaking out on fringes of Donetsk demo. Pro Russia protesters attack cars driving with Ukraine flags out of windows. Via Twitter user @BalmforthTom

11:03 AM: Crowd waving Russian flags storms government HQ in Ukraine city of Donetsk. Via AP

10:50 AM: Senior State Dept official says John Kerry urged Sergei Lavrov to hold direct talks with Ukraine during a brief meeting in Paris. Via Reuters

10:30 AM: US, UK and Ukraine agreed that direct talks between Ukraine and Russia are crucial to resolving the situation. Via State Department

Tuesday March 5, 2014.

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