Ukraine Crisis

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11:50 PM: US President Obama, Japanese Prime Minister Abe agree Russia’s intervention in Ukraike has threatened world peace, White House says. Via Reuters

10:42 PM: Russian soldiers training in Canada given 24 hours to leave country due to Ukraine crisis. Via CTVNews

7:44 PM: Russia to hold massive military drill 280 miles from Ukraine that will last a month, with 3,500 soldiers & 1,000 pieces of military hardware. Via Twitter user @MahirZeynalov

6:30 PM: President Obama spoke this afternoon with President Putin of Russia about the situation in Ukraine.

1:28 PM: Pentagon sends guided-missile destroyer USS Truxtun into the Black Sea

1:03 PM: Interpol says reviewing request from Ukraine to issue Red Notice for ousted president Yanukovych. Via Twitter user @mpoppel

12:55 PM: The President will deliver a statement on Ukraine at 1:05 PM.

12:52 PM: United States State Department calls Crimea referendum completely illegitimate, says it violates Ukrainian constitution. Via Reuters

12:04 PM: EU: If No Russia Deescalation, Will Consider Russia Travel Bans, Asset Freeze, Cancelation Of EU-Russia Summit.

12:03 PM: European Union suspends talks on 2 agreements with Russia over Ukraine crisis, threatens further sanctions. Via AP

12:00 PM: Merkel says she believes decision for Crimea referendum is illegal and unconstitutional. Via Reuters

11:50 AM: Russia sinks ship to close off part of Ukrainian waters. Via Twitter user @TomBartonJourno

11:44 AM: 12 US F16s and 300 soldiers will arrive on March 10th… This is a response to the on going tensions in Crimea where Russian forces continue to violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine. … During an appearance before the House of Representatives [US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel] announced that during this crisis the United States would increase military aid to its allies.. including Polish and Baltic countries.

11:43 AM: US to send 12 F16s and 300 soldiers to Poland in response to the Ukraine Crisis. Via Reuters

11:10 AM: A Ukrainian sailor watches a passing Russian warship from on board Slavutic. Via Twitter user @bishopk

10:58 AM: Senior State Dept. official: Kerry and Russia’s Lavrov met in Rome today for about 40 minutes, discussing Ukraine. Kerry and Lavrov “discussed possible formats” for how Russia-Ukraine dialogue might take place. Via Twitter user @mpoppel

10:25 AM: The 6 additional F-15’s and KC-135 tanker have arrived in Lithuania today.

10:19 AM: Gunmen seize Simferopol television station, turn off Channel 5, 1+1, turn on Rossiya 24. Via Twitter user @interfaxua

10:13 AM: The President just signed an executive order that will allow us to sanction those who are most directly involved in destabilizing Ukraine. Via Twitter user @AmbassadorPower

9:45 AM: OSCE says its military observers have been prevented from entering Crimea. Via AFP

9:30 AM: U.S. is placing visa restrictions on a number of individuals responsible for or complicit in threatening sovereignty of Ukraine.

1:08 AM: The United States and European diplomats have failed to negotiate a peaceful solution to Ukraine’s crisis. Via Al Jazeera

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