Ukraine Crisis

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4:21 PM: Pentagon estimates that Russia has around 20,000 troops on the ground already in Crimea.

4:17 PM: Attackers thought to be Russian have left an air base near Sevastopol in Crimea after a reported confrontation with Ukrainian troops inside. Via SkyNews

3:56 PM: Two journalists beaten badly – irregulars using Russian trucks – Russian plates. Dark lane. Pity the Ukrainian soldiers standing firm. Via Twitter user @ForeignCorresp

3:35 PM: Journalist reportedly beaten outside base that is being stormed, reportedly by Russian military.

3:20 PM: Armed men enter Ukrainian missile defence post near Sevastopol and take control, no shots fired & no one reported injured. Via Reuters

3:08 PM: Ukrainian Ministry of Defense: 15 trucks with Russian soldiers from Black Sea Fleet land in Sevastopol, make way to Ukraine military base, storm, seize part.

3:00 PM: The Ukrainian troops at the stormed Sevastopol base have gone into a bunker, the deputy commander of nearby Belbek base tells @ABC.

2:48 PM: Ukrainian Ministry of Defense confirms Russian troops have seized part of a base in Crimea.

2:44 PM: Russian troops trying to take over anti-aircraft command centre in Crimea. Via AP

2:14 PM: 20 Russian troops inside, moving toward command post of Crimea base, guarded by 100 Ukrainian troops.

2:02 PM: Crimea TV reporting that Russians have begun storming Ukraine air-force base on the peninsula, ramming the gates with a truck.

1:36 PM: Russia FM Lavrov tells John Kerry in phone call US sanctions against Russia ‘would hit the US like a boomerang’.

10:15 AM: Turkey scrambles six F-16 fighter jets to intercept Russian IL-20 reconnaissance aircraft flying along Turkey’s Black Sea coast. Via Twitter user @MahirZeynalov

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