South Korean Ferry Capsizes Leaving 181 Dead and 115 Missing

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181 dead 115 missing, 179 rescued and more than 50 injured after ferry in South Korea capsized.


                       Reuters photo

A ferry which was carrying 459 people including 325 high school students on a class trip sunk within hours. The ferry was 3 hours away from finishing its 14-hour voyage when it sent out a distress signal.


                      Reuters Photo

Two cranes are on the way to raise the sunken ferry. First crane due to arrive on Friday.

Reuters Photo
Families gather in Jindo, South Korea watching big screens and waiting for news about loved ones on ferry. Photo via Twitter user @sethdoane.

Families are compiling a list of the dead and missing. Photo via Twitter user @MalcolmMoore.

Captain Lee Joon-seok abandoning ship as hundreds of passengers were still inside. Photo shared via Twitter user @nycjim.

CBS Photo

A family member of a passenger missing after the South Korean ferry “Sewol” capsized is blocked by police. Photo via Reuters

Update – Thursday 12:45 PM EST:
Search suspended due to rough seas, and low visibility.

Update – Thursday 3:30 PM EST:
Police say text messages from missing South Korean ferry passengers are hoaxes.

Update – Friday 1:00 AM EST:
Authorities to request arrest warrant for Sewol ferry captain today on multiple charges.

Update – Friday 2:45 PM EST:
The captain of the sunken ferry in South Korea has been formally criminally charged and is in custody.

Update – Saturday 7:30 PM EST:
Mate steering South Korean ferry at time of accident was navigating waters for 1st time.

Update – Saturday 9:30 PM EST:
Divers have now opened up a pathway to go inside the Sewol ferry. Finding bodies relatively quickly, compared with earlier days of search.

Update – Saturday 9:45 PM EST:
One of the emergency personal assisting with the recovery operation died after he knocked his head and fell into a coma Saturday night. Navy reports.

Update – Sunday 12:45 AM EST:
Ferry operator misreports information. In a departure report, Chonghaejin Marine Co. told authorities at the Korea Shipping Association that it had 450 passengers, 24 crew members, 150 vehicles and 657 tons of cargo on board, according to YTN reports on Sunday.

But shortly after the accident on Wednesday, the ferry operator quickly changed the numbers, reporting that it had 477 people on board and was carrying 1,157 tons of cargo. The ferry was also found to have loaded 180 vehicles.

Update – Saturday 9:01 PM EST:
South Korean PM Chung to announce resignation amid criticism of gov’t handling of ferry disaster.

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