Mysterious Leaflets Handed Out To Jews In Eastern Ukraine Adds To Tensions

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Leaflets were handed out to Jews in Donetsk, Ukraine. Demanding to register their properties and pay a special tax.

Jews emerging from a synagogue say they were handed leaflets that ordered the city’s Jews to provide a list of property they own and pay a registration fee “or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets confiscated,” Ynet reported.

The leflet read: The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism
A leaflet distributed in Donetsk, Ukraine, calls for all Jewish people over age 16 to register as Jews. The leaflet demanded the city’s Jews supply a detailed list of all the property they own or else have their citizenship revoked.

A Ukraine local paper reported about the leaflets demanding registration of Jews posted in an eastern Ukrainian town with picture.

CNN reports U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine confirms authentic, ‘chilling’ anti-Semitic leaflets from pro-Russian groups in Ukraine.

A few hours after the news emerged everyone started asking about the legitimacy.


Statement from ADL condemning the “Jews in Ukraine” pamphlet, questioning its authenticity.

Complete statement from the NCSJ regarding fake flyers handed out to Jewish community in Donetsk.

The NCSJ has contacted the Donetsk Jewish community leaders, who called the flyers a provocation. They said that all authorities have denied any connection to the flyers, and that Pushilin has denied authorship.

BBC News has CCTV video of the man allegedly handing out threatening flyers to Ukrainian Jews in Donetsk.

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