U.S. At War Against ISIS


Iraqi prime minister gave a statement earlier today and said the Iraqi president has violated the law.

Shortly after his statement special forces were deployed in strategic areas in Baghdad. Gunfire has been heard in Baghdad, according to witnesses. The Iraqi military tanks have taken position in several neighborhoods.

The presidential guards are in high alert to protect the presidential Palace. The United States says it fully supports the Iraqi president.

Police expect curfew tonight.

Facebook video apparently shows PKK fighters leaving Kandil for front lines to fight ISIS.

10:10 pm EDT: US military aircraft conduct 3rd airdrop of food and water to Iraqi’s in Sinjar, brings total to 52,000 meals dropped.

Day 3.

6:22 pm EDT: State Dept warns U.S. citizens against all but essential travel to Iraq.


The sky over Iraq seem to be completely empty following the FAA ban.

6:20 pm EDT: U.S. vice president Joe Biden calls Iraq’s President and says U.S. is committed to support Iraq ‘from north to south’ as it fights militants. SkyNews

6:04 pm EDT: Today was the first time U.S. forces conducted major combat operations in Iraq since the war ended in 2011.

4:00 pm EDT: U.S. fighter jets strike Islamic State convoy near Erbil – Pentagon via Reuters


Shared via Twitter user @MicahGrimes

3:10 pm EDT: Islamic State militants have taken captive hundreds of Yazidi women, Iraq’s human rights ministry says – AP

2:45 pm EDT: U.S. military warplanes launched another round of airstrikes on an ISIS targets.


ISIS targets in Iraq being struck by two F/A-18F Super Hornet jets stationed on the USS George H.W Bush. (AP photo)

2:30 pm EDT: Iraq’s largest hydroelectric dam, north of Mosul, captured by ISIS militants, senior Kurdish official tells CNN

2:00 pm EDT: U.S. “ready to deploy military force” to help Iraq repel ISIS fighters once Iraq forms new government, White House says. Reuters

12:15 pm EDT: U.S. Navy confirms F/A-18 Super Hornets from Carrier Wing 8 on USS George H.W. Bush conducted strike on ISIL.

12:00 pm EDT: US fighter jets are striking IS positions heavily in Shingal. Via @RudawEnglish

11:00 am EDT: ISIS members are calling for attacks on US interests worldwide after start of airstrikes in Iraq.

10:45 am EDT: Iraqi air strike kills 45 ISIS fighters and injures 60 in northern town of Sinjar, state-run National Media Center says.

10:15 am EDT: US airlines banned from flying over Iraq due to armed conflict.

7:30 am EDT: Hundreds of Islamic State militants killed and wounded in U.S. airstrikes near Erbil – Rudaw news agency

VICE News reporter Medyan Dairieh spent three weeks embedded with the Islamic State, gaining unprecedented access to the group in Iraq and Syria

7:00 am EDT: U.S. military strikes Islamic State artillery near Erbil, Pentagon spokesman says

11:30 pm EDT: 3 US military cargo aircraft dropped food and water for 8,000 people. Food included MRE’s. Planes escorted by 2 F-18s. CBS reported

U.S. President Obama has approved air drops with food and water to the stranded in Iraq and air strikes against the militants of the Islamic state.

President Obama added ISIS has carried out mass murders and enslaved women of the minority group Yazidi. When terror groups carry out such attacks, the United States cannot and will not turn a black eye.

Therefore, I have authorized limited air strikes against ISIS. God bless our troops and god bless the United States, the president concluded.

2 thoughts on “U.S. At War Against ISIS”

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  2. These talking head stuffed shirt agents of business have no idea about anything or any opinion of significance from special knowledge. It is both funny and annoying to watch the US Government’s attempt at psycho-linguistic warfare by Calling ISIS by the term ISIL. The terms both may have been used by the fanatical terrorist organization but the US is now using the technique to try to combat the aesthetic and propaganda appeal of the effective meme that plays on both linguistic preference and cultural familiarity with the Egyptian God out of mythology of ancient times. It just sounds cooler and is more appealing to the Western Consciousness – it is more linguistically appealing. So, the US Military and Government believes that using the term ISIL instead will tend to be less appealing and also by calling the organization a conflicting term – it tends to downplay the state’s (ISIL) degree of permanency. It also disrupts the viewer’s attention span by aggravating the mind’s argument with itself as to what the proper term should be. ISIS is rather like Hydra in the Marvel Comics.

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