Ferguson, MO Police Fatally Shoot A St. Louis Teen Multiple Times


The fatal shooting occurred at the Canfield Green Apartment Complex when a Ferguson police officer opened fire and shot 18 year old Michael Brown multiple times to the head and chest.

Michael was set to attend college on Monday, a family member said. Friends, family and the entire neighborhood are outraged and are on the streets confronting police and begging for answers.

Hundreds of people have taken the streets on Monday night following a vigil to protest the police of killing an unarmed teen.

State Police from over 10 different departments and precincts were on the streets in Ferguson, MO. Riot police and SWAT was also on scene with rifles and K9 dogs.

Right after Midnight the State police and K9 dogs have been deployed to disperse crowds on the streets in Ferguson, MO.

Witnesses reported seeing men loading ATM machines onto a truck and take off with them shortly after. A gas station, Walmart and more than a dozen stores were looted and at least one shop was set on fire.

Employees of the Walmart in Ferguson were urged to take shelter due to violent protesters looting the store.

Police have deployed tear gas on the protestors. At least 7 shots were fired by the protestors, the police said.

Benjamin Crump, the attorney who represented the family of Trayvon Martin, will represent the family of Mike Brown.

The FBI will take over the investigation, police chief says.

The Watts Riots began on August 11, 1965. 49 years ago today.

– DAY 3
Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson says dept has decided they will not release the officer’s name involved in Saturday’s shooting today.

The FAA bans all flights under 3000 feet over the airspace in Ferguson, Missour.


Photo shared via Twitter user @brennamuncy


People marching to the Ferguson Police Dept headquarters. Photo shared via Twitter user @AntonioFrench.


Looting and chaos in Ferguson. Shared via Twitter user @AntonioFrench

59 thoughts on “Ferguson, MO Police Fatally Shoot A St. Louis Teen Multiple Times”

  1. psychochick966 says:

    Where are the details of the shooting? So far, I’ve not read what happened anywhere.. only that the young man shoplifted. Does anyone know what transpired between the man and the police?

  2. Hoo Dee says:

    To be expected, another Black, another day, another repetition of the old cliche, “Not part of the solution”. The Whites should admit to an ‘ongoing racial insensitivity’ as they continue to judge others by the content of their character, rather than by their color of skin . The Blacks now would have it back the other way, as membership has its privileges. Should have known it would come to this. I smell another city burning. What was the poor “child” stealing this time?

    • Aries says:

      What if the content of their character was correlated with the color of their skin? Why do you think that evolution ONLY affects the skin and not the BRAIN, SKULL, BODY SIZE/SHAPE, TESTOSTERONE, RESISTANCE AND WEAKNESS TO DISEASE AND ALLERGIES.

      What the fuck is this obession with SKIN COLOR?

      Skin color is not the only difference you liberal retard.

      • 01 says:

        Fuck you nigger. Everyone is tired of you apes running around like savages. In the last 5-7 years race relations have gotten very bad. Tons of whites are prepping for a happening of some kind, we’ve been buying lots off guns and ammo to put you animals down. Go ahead start rioting; you know your pathetic monkey rabble will lose. We should have castrated all the male slaves like the Arabs, then we wouldn’t have this problem.

      • Alex says:

        So you think its okay that they’re stealing money, and destroying property? If you think that grow a brain.

      • Kennible Lecter says:

        Die in a fire, bitch-ass nigger. Or better yet… get shot by a cop!

      • Joshua Coonhunter says:

        Simple solution. Cut welfare, use the money to ship apes back to Africa… err West Africa. Let Ebola do the rest. Profit!

      • Obama Isathugtoo says:

        Wow that took alot of smarts your one of them thugs and thereis no bath in the world that can wash you dumb black ass to be a smart white iintelligent human being its passed tjat for you im surprised you own a computer it probably stolen from Ferguson when you looted the black mans store down the road from your house ir porch? Which is it. Getting that free Wi-Fi from McDonald’s….thug?

    • steven says:

      What is wrong with ALL you fokes. doing just what the worms (running the world) wont you to do fighting against each other (white, brown, purple, green or orange) so you forget who the real enemy is. don’t be fools. your anger is righteous, just misplaced & misdirected. stay focused. Peace to ALL

  3. Black people can do no wrong. If he is black then he is innocent. all of these racist misogynist white pigs are just cancerous to the whole world.

    • Kennible Lecter says:

      Yo police…. here’s another puck-ass nigger to use for target practice.

    • You people are idiots. says:

      He wasn’t innocent. He just wasn’t guilty enough to be murdered.

      People like you are pathetic wastes of breath.

  4. Mike Farrar says:

    Looting-is this the only way blacks can express themselves and make themselves be heard…or is their genetically inherited traits for survival.

    • donpldp says:

      WTF your genetics tell you to do when you pissed have a motorcycle parade on DC. I think you need to gather your non- melaninated people and take to the streets to and shut this bitch down!

  5. chrisallen says:

    The kid assaulted a police officer and tried to wrest the officer’s gun from him and not because he thought it looked cool, so why are folks protesting? What is looting and destroying one’s neighborhood accomplish?

    • David F. says:

      Who is to say that the Cop “Targeted” this young man for no apparent reason, and when the young man refused to be arrested unlawfully, he saw the cop reaching for his gun and tried to stop the cop from pulling his weapon? Are you familiar with the U.S. Supreme Court case of Plummer v Indiana, which has been upheld numerous times by the U.S. Supreme Court, states “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.”

      Where is the proof this young man did anything wrong at all to be stopped by the Cop?

      I don’t condone the actions of the community destroying Businesses, Property, or injuring others…yet there is NOTHING being shown by the Police or the supposed business where the cop stated the young man stole from that even remotely would be considered reasonable to use deadly force especially when the young man had his back to the cop and was running away which doesn’t present a clear danger to the cop in question!!

      • chrisallen says:

        There is a likely and unlikely story. That the cop targeted and tried to arrest the boy for no reason is not likely. No one knows for certain what transpired as there were no eyewitnesses. This means that the looters and destroyers are acting on an assumption of what happened that could very well be wrong….all of this destruction and social unrest could be founded on ill reasons.

      • Big G says:

        They are not looting because they don’t know the whole story or because of the “injustice” of it all. They’re looting because they like free beer and cigarettes.

      • David, a few things through some quick research. 1. The Indiana Supreme Court upheld that resistance is allowed in the case of unlawful arrest. Not the Supreme Court. A quick note on the Wikipedia article (haven’t verified the source) indicated 36 of the 50 states do not have similar laws. 2. You’re quoting an unknown entity. Nowhere in the documents does it state “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Although the idea is similar, this comes down to the right to use force. Frankly, it would be better to be arrested and hire a lawyer to have the charges dismissed to prevent things like this. That’s why you have lawyers.

        That said, looting and general chaos is uncalled for. These people are punishing the wrong people for this crime and both parties could be seen as defending themselves. This doesn’t answer the question if the cop targeted Mr. Brown for no reason at all and we may never know what truly happened (Eyewitnesses are generally unreliable.) The statistics of “minority” to “majority” and all that on the police force in the area is there for you to draw your own conclusions, but I strongly believe that law enforcement officials go into the career hoping to make the world a better place, for all, not to oppress those that he doesn’t agree with. Obviously there’s a few bad apples, but they should be held accountable to their own actions.

  6. Travis says:

    Is that g’damned police tank?! Obama has been allowing Homeland Security to give these good ol’ boys these toys… something ain’t right.

  7. I see the “Tea Party Zionist Destruction of Humanity Pathetic 50 Year Old Obese Walmart Rambo Club” and their bff’s over at Leo Burnett are alive and present on this thread.

  8. thisisdumb says:

    Using the death of a criminal as an excuse to commit more crime. Just sad. Al Sharpton will somehow applaud this though…

  9. Alex says:

    They wonder why there is a racial prejudice against them. I don’t think then cop should have killed him but this is how they respond? I mean they want to live without prejudice but if this is how they respond to death, blacks who choose to respond that way will always appear lower in my eyea

  10. Genesis says:

    The Lord God has blessed your ancestors with sufferings to bless His people whom he has received, (or maybe they aren’t your ancestors) and you won’t hear Him, your communities are corrupted and His wrath is coming, this kind of people the Lord sneaks up on, and He will hunt you down to punish you according to Holy scripture. He says Vengeance is mine, therefore I know you are sinning against Him.

    • Jenn says:

      Those without sin can cast the first stone. Think about that before you get on here and start telling people who is going to be punished by God and for what reason. Leave your judgmental bullshit at the door and stop using God to make yourself look better

      • Dontworryaboutmyname says:

        I love people like you. As soon as we talk about God, you IMMEDIATELY take offense to whatever was said. He/She never claimed to be perfect, or sin free, they simply typed out a comment and click ‘Post Comment’. I can’t say for fact that this person isn’t trying to make themselves look better by posting what they did. That might be their only intention, if so then God will punish them accordingly, it’s not up to us though. Just take a deep breath next time, and move on 🙂

        Everyone else,
        I can’t help but think that it’s time to move away from all people. It seems that anywhere that there is a decent size group of people, nothing but bs happens all the time. I would love to speak my mind on what is going on, but someone will just tell me to not express my “freedom of speech” while they go on doing what they told me not to. I will say one thing though, why is it ok for all of these “protesters”, as Obigot calls them, are free to “protest” while they are committing crime after crime, but he has made it ILLEGAL to “protest” anywhere near him… Seems like a bunch of bs to me…

        Concerned Citizen of the United States of America

  11. Kennible Lecter says:

    I’m sorry for the decent black folks out there… All these repugnant-ass shitbags make good people look bad.

    • chrisallen says:

      thank you for acknowledging the decent folks within our ranks, some of us don’t approve of this behavior at all.

  12. anthony dozier says:

    my brain-cells committed suicide after reading reading the posts on this page.

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  16. TestPilotDummy says:

    Sad to see justified anger (for argument sake here) so misplaced. Such misguided blowback will only stir more people up. If you really want to get to the bottom of this, run the oath breakers, run the banksters out on rails.

    For every tooth you chip down the street you make an enemy in the future.
    Who the hell wants risk their life to sell ya a 12 pack now?! Or A bucket of Chicken?

    Stop voting party line. D vs R
    Challenge, Indict, go after oath breakers–no waiting 4 years!!!
    Challenge, expose, publicize, and go after LIARS the MOMENT they break they LIE
    Protest out in front of ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, NBC they are the ones filling you head with crap.

    Kick ICLEI aka Sustainability aka Agenda 21 aka United Nations out of your local city council!!!
    Kick out anyone affiliated with CFR, Trilateral Commission, NATO, UN don’t let them ON THE BALLOT!!
    Kick out Dual Citizens “Israel firsters” who have loyalty to Israel instead of the US.


    Get in on the game plan. Or be manipulated by the psychopaths game plan. e.g. Eugenics, De-Population

    I am just one stupid guy. But I spend MUCH time with geopolitical events.

    God Bless.

  17. TestPilotDummy says:

    Uno mas further…

    How many cops went to ISRAEL to train in the US where the problems with COPS are now?
    How BAD is this UNCONSTITUTIONAL INSTRUCTION SET now spreading in the field?

    It hasn’t gotten to me.

    You see?
    God Bless then

  18. TestPilotDummy says:

    So if I was a bettin man…
    I’d want badge numbers and any videos
    I’d want to look at the guns and ammo claimed to whatever
    Your mayor is a MORON, recall him spare no expense, and KICK OUT ICLEI yeah you got that INFECTION…

  19. TestPilotDummy says:


    If you have to carry 700 lbs of electronics 50 feet set it down and rinse repeat (moving process to get the crap out of the field) to keep line of sight on CLASSIFIED stuff ; physically moved 1/4 mile, your going to DO it and HAPPILY HUMP this work out, sweat be damned.

    That’s what the OATH means to me.
    I hope you see that now

  20. TestPilotDummy says:

    Be greppin grokin “fergenson” iclei etc. damn my spell err0rz

  21. TestPilotDummy says:

    Got moderated accidentally cause of too many links to HORRIBLE SITES (It is a DOS I agree)

    I can do it a different way to SHOW YOU HOW ICLEI (aka the United Nations Agenda 21 DEPOPULATION EUGENICS) IS IN EVERY FAUCET OF YOUR LIFE

    but bear with me… and follow up or ahem… nevermind, man up I guess.

    * St. Louis Green Business Challenge
    * Government « USGBC – Missouri Gateway Chapter
    * Local Government Green Successes in the St. Louis Region …
    * Green Giants – St. Louis Magazine
    * US mayors commit to creating more resilient cities – Cities Today
    * Green chamber of commerce program helps St. Louis pick up the pace

    I can go on an on..

    Sorry 4 the bad links DEAR pzfeed

  22. TestPilotDummy says:

    I got to sleep now so MY FINAL Follow up is this.
    I dare you to call me to JURY duty!

  23. TestPilotDummy says:

    I will try to DREAM about this..

    How big of a CELL in FT Leavenworth needed for each oath breaker multiplied by the amount of SPACE needed.

    I was in one of their cells and it was 2 feet by 4 feet, is that enough space for an oath breaker then?

  24. TestPilotDummy says:

    I don’t see Barack or HIllary or GWBush doin well in that space.

    Maybe a TAD larger?

    Good night, turning out the lights.
    God Bless

  25. Dave Noice says:

    What race was the cop?

    I can’t figure out why Sharpton and Jackson haven’t shown up, unless the officer involved was of the same race.

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  27. Jesus says:

    It’s disgusting how people take advantage of a sad situation and turn it violent for personal gain.

  28. white is right says:

    This dumb ass nigger was a thief. I say good job to the cop removing one more black criminal from the streets. Its for the greater good really. Maybe we should do this to every nigger maybe theyd quit breaking the law (thats a long shot I know) all you dimb ass niggers complaining about a white man shooting a black are being just as racist as us so Fuck You

  29. Obama Isathugtoo says:

    If that thug would have never robbed that store he would be alive. Even though he reached for the police officers gun and the officer at that point was in a kill or be killed situation the monkey thugs of Ferguson Missouri want ruin there own town and their businesse because the truth hurts and the parents know their son was a thug and are really happy he brought them a pay day in the future. Lets be honest the college vocational school wherevthe thug was going Monday was for heating and A/C and if he had survived no one would have let that thug into their home. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this one with the parents trying to supress the video of their thug son saying it was a doctored video and their thug son was a good boy just walking along doing nothing wrong and his friend straight bold face lied to america too. Fyi thug means Nigger, its a non black way of getting round the blacks only word Nigger or Nigga and we can say it as much as we want without blowback from the thugs.

  30. Obama Isathugtoo says:

    Never ever trust a black person not ever. You’re about 99.99% sure to get taken advantage of sooner or later.

    • Big G says:

      The po-lice should withdraw and let the dumb niggers destroy their own town. St. Louis is a shit nigville anyway.

  31. looks like the 60’s except it is the people who were fighting for civil rights want to deny the police officer of his civil rights. It is a lynch mob mentality. This is a replay of trayvon but this gentle giant Mike Brown was a violent giant.

    • Big G says:

      I saw Brown’s cousin on “Dr. Drew on Call” last night and he kept calling Brown “my baby cousin.” People see things as they want them to be, not as they really are. “Baby cousin” was 6-ft., 4-in. tall and around 300 pounds. If a cop shoots an infant, I’ll protest, too.

  32. When someone writes an article he/she keeps the image
    of a user in his/her mind that how a user
    can know it. So that’s why this post is outstdanding.


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